Chiltern Embroidery and Textile Group


9th October 2016

At the AGM Janet Edmonds gave a fulsome account of her year in office as Chairman, the text of which has been circulated to members. Treasurer, Sue Wilkie, presented the annual accounts, which were approved, together with the minutes of the previous meeting and the Chairman's statement. Terry Stevenson was appointed as new Chairman and Valerie Knowles as Minutes Secretary. Val Jenkins joined the Committee as Shadow Treasurer to work alongside Sue with a view to taking over as Treasurer next October. Liz Smith was appointed as Shadow Chairman to assist Terry and learn the role for next year. Viki Jenkins remains as Programme Secretary and Liz Wilmott as Publicity and Communications. As both Val and Viki are now on the main Committee, the Library will be handled on a rota in future.

Judith Gibson proposed a vote of thanks to all Committee Members, with special recognition of the work done in the past year by the retiring members, Janet as Chairman and Pat Ardron as Minutes Secretary. Thanks were also given to Jackie Connors for her work as travel arranger and Monique and David Paley for work on the website. Special thanks to Jackie for looking after Brenda when she was taken ill at the Knitting & Stitching Show.

The activity for the evening was stitching the background fabric for bunting to be used by CETG when appearing at public events like the Amersham Heritage Day. Janet had produced an abstract painted design which she cut up into small pieces. Each member selected a piece and was asked to reproduce it in thread using only four stitches: straight, chain, fly and Sorbello. Stitchers could choose any colours they wished. Janet was in much demand to demonstrate how to work the unfamiliar (to many) Sorbello stitch. Much progress was made in a short time and some very imaginative and decorative pieces began to take shape. As it was not possible to finish the work at the meeting, members were asked to complete it at home and bring it back for the December meeting. Janet will then join the pieces together and convert them into digitally printed fabric from which the bunting will be made. The pictures below show how much fun was had by members.

In addition to the practical activity, members had been asked to bring in recent works to display for the evening. Valerie Knowles showed some hand-stitched diamonds inspired by a picture of a vivid red lily. Linda Hillyer's quilted panel was decorated by hand-stitched pink alliums. Julia Phillips delighted us with more of her embellished block printing; subjects included brightly coloured butterflies and paisley flowers, and a beautiful quilted panel in muted pinks and greens featuring fish, shells and seaweed. Judith McBride's straight and Y-stitch samples in vibrant oranges and blues were the result of a recent workshop. Judith Gibson brought in a selection of her signature dazzling hand stitched pieces as the end of her City and Guilds course is in sight.

Perhaps the stars of the show were Heather Cawthorne's Nuno felting pieces. Beginning from a sampler produced at a recent workshop, she was obviously carried away by her enthusiasm to produce half a dozen large mounted works, combining her new skills with opulent hand stitching in gorgeous purples and greens, embellished with shisha. Many members were thrilled by these and Heather has offered to lead a Nuno felting workshop for us next year.

All photos Liz Smith/Liz Wilmott